My story

When I transitioned into software development from industrial engineering, I brought a focus on process improvement with me. My career as a developer began supporting government clients. I found bloated processes and large frameworks that were followed without much deviation. These techniques worked fine with large teams working with long timelines, but they were inefficient and didn’t naturally encourage innovation.

Then I moved to the commercial sector and started working with smaller teams working on hotter deadlines. These teams prioritized self-sufficient individuals and “just getting it done.” The output was innovative products delivered on tight timelines, but the solutions didn’t scale. As these teams grew, the lack of formal processes made onboarding and cross-team collaboration a nightmare.  

It’s been years since I’ve gone from developing digital products to managing and coaching digital product teams, but the lessons learned in those early years have stuck with me. The goal is to allow growth while maintaining an innovative posture and avoiding excess overhead. Digital product teams require a unique blend of innovative technical solutions, creative user experience approaches, and focus on customer value. I work with these teams to find the best ways to meet their goals within the constraints of their specific business environments. 

Whether you’re looking to grow a team or just tighten up your existing processes, I’m confident that there’s no challenge we can’t overcome together.